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Frequently asked Questions

Can you develop a complete website? (Back-end)

As a graphic designer, I only create the user interface, namely the appearance of the website. I am not able to develop the back-end containing all the functionality of the website.

How long does it take you to design mockups for a website?

To design the mockups of all the pages of a website in computer version and in mobile version, I need on average 2 weeks (2x 5 days). That is to say 2 to 3 mockups per day.

How long does it take you to create the interface of a website?

Depending on the technology used to create the website, it takes me on average 2 weeks (2x 5 days) to design all the pages of the interface of a website from-scratch. If it is a website with WordPress, the creation of the website can take on average a week.

What exactly is SEO audit?

The SEO audit will make it possible to determine all the axes of your website to improve in order to strengthen its indexing on the search engines. There will be a technical check to optimize the speed of the website. But also on the content of the website in order to define the most relevant keywords and thus bring it out in the first results of the search engines.

How long can the SEO audit last?

Depending on the number of pages on your website, the SEO audit can last 1 or even 2 weeks.

How long can the SEO optimization of my website last?

Depending on the number of pages on your website, SEO optimization can take on average 2 weeks.

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