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3 steps to launch your website

Development of your design

This first step is to define the foundations of your website through the design of a mockup

Development of your website

Then, you have to rely on the model previously designed to develop your website

SEO of your website

The last step corresponds to the acquisition of the traffic of your website and therefore of your potential buyers thanks to SEO

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Your website

Do you know what it will look like ?

If you have no idea what your website will look like, don’t worry! My job is precisely to help you develop the foundations of your web application by giving it a visual identity.

The process related to the development of the design of your website will be broken down into 2 steps :

  • The construction of wireframes allows you to define the skeleton of your web application,
  • The design of the models allows you to have an overview of your website using all the necessary elements (colors, texts, images, etc.).



Responsive web


Wireframe background

My services

UI Design / Web integration / SEO

Also available at any time on different platforms

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UI Design / Creation of mockup

Using your specifications and your needs, I will design the user interface for your website.

For that, I will first of all base the skeleton of your website by creating a wireframe. Then, I will design the mockup with all the elements of your web page (buttons, texts, colors, etc.).

To go further, I can also create your logo.


From your specifications, I will design an innovative visual identity by creating the wireframe of your web pages. This helps define the structure of your website.


Thanks to the wireframe, I will design the models of your website. The models have all the elements that make up your web pages. They contain all colors, shapes, text, buttons and any other element allowing to define the design of your future website.


During the design phase, I can also take care of creating your logo, the one that will represent your brand.

Web integration / Website creation

Then, thanks to the previously designed models, I will take care of the development of your website using the performance of the WordPress CMS. To this, I would allow myself to add HTML/CSS code to optimize your website.

I take this opportunity to adapt your website to all types of screens (computer, tablet and smartphone).


To develop your website, I will only be using WordPress. It is a very powerful CMS offering extensive features and many themes.


Coding concerns the use of computer languages such as HTML5/CSS3 or Javascript.

After setting up WordPress, you have the choice between: using a theme as is or using a theme by modifying it in order to obtain a safe-to-measure design.

Of course, to create your website, we will use the theme of your choice and then I will take care of modifying the theme so that it matches the previously designed mockups. That’s why I’ll add some code to just change the look of the theme.


Responsive web

Responsive web concerns the accessibility of your website on all screen formats (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Most WordPress themes are responsive. To improve accessibility to the different screens, I will take care of coding in CSS if necessary.


SEO / Natural referencing

Finally, after having designed the design and developed your website, I will take care of referencing it on search engines in order to strengthen your visibility.

For that, I will first of all carry out an SEO audit in order to detect all the elements to improve. Then I would optimize your website using all possible SEO levers.

SEO audit

In order to improve the indexing of your website on search engines, the SEO audit will consist in analyzing the traffic of your website in order to determine the factors to be optimized.

SEO optimization

By relying on the SEO audit, it is easier to activate the right levers and correct the blocking axes to strengthen the indexing of your website and thus obtain more visitors.

To optimize the SEO of your website, I will do work on the textual part (title, metadata, etc.) and on the technical part (website speed, security, cache, etc.).



In SEO, to optimize a website, as I said previously, you have to do textual and technical work. There is a third part to optimize: netlinking.

This is your network of links that revolve around your website.

Want to develop your first website ?

Take advantage of my expertise to get your tailor-made website corresponding to your brand image

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