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SEO « search engine optimization » or SEO is a set of techniques to optimize the visibility of a web page in the search results.

Web Design

Web design refers to the design of a web interface: the architecture, the organization of pages, the tree structure and the navigation of a website. It is an essential phase of web creation. First of all, it is necessary to gather the ideas to the conception of one or several pages which will constitute the web site then to build the functional models.

Web Dev

Webdev or web development is the construction of the website. This is the phase where the use of programming languages allows the development of the website.

Working days

Each service applies only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Each service delivery lasts one to three months minimum.


Coaching will allow me to help you use SEO tools so that you can analyze your website autonomously and in the long term.

SEO On/Off-Page

This is to strengthen the SEO of your website at the technical level and at the level of links.

Responsive web

It’s about making your website accessible to all types of screens: desktop, tablet and mobile.


It is a tool that allows you to retain your customers by doing email campaigns.

Quote (Package Web Dev)

Creation of a showcase or blog site with a customized design

The development of your customized website in 4 steps:

  • The modeling phase (UI design, creation of one or more models on Photoshop),
  • The development of the functionalities and the main characteristics of the site,
  • The front-end integration phase (transformation of the models into web pages),
  • Integration of content (texts and visuals).

The UI design

This step includes the number of planned models made on Photoshop (in Desktop or Smartphone format).

The development of the functionalities of the site

This phase includes for example at least a full-responsive development (a test will be performed on Google Mobile-Friendly Test).

Below is a list of developments for a showcase site or blog with an exclusive design:

  • Installation and configuration of CMS WordPress, PHP / MySQL technology in MVC,
  • Fully secure site SSL (padlock green) and the registrar,
  • Development of different page templates (examples: Home, News, Services, Contact, Blog, …).
  • Sharing on social networks and links to profiles of social networks,
  • Subscription to a newsletter (with MailChimp),
  • Fully customizable Slideshow, with text & CTA (Call To Action),
  • Internal search system,
  • Spam protection (with Akismet),
  • Optimization of SEO (with the installation and configuration of Yoast SEO),
  • Breadcrumb,
  • Creating the sitemap and creating the robots.txt file,
  • Implementation of the Analytics tracker and connection to Google Search Console,
  • Stylish mobile menu
  • Cache Manager (installing and configuring WP Rocket to improve load time),
  • Comment system,
  • Contextual navigation (links to previous / next articles on a Blog view),
  • Fully customizable sidebars,
  • Create and configure custom contact forms,
  • Back-office backup of the content of the website,
  • Page 404 custom,
  • Compliance with the RGDP.

Front-end integration

  • Set up and development of CSS style sheets,
  • View Development (Home Page, Blog, Internal Pages, Contact, …),
  • Styling elements and modules (Slideshow, Forms, Widgets),
  • Management of scroll effects (return up, frozen sidebar, frozen menu),
  • Management of CSS overflights, transitions and animations.

The content

  • Integration of all text and visual content (estimate based on the volume declared in the specifications),
  • Providing a guide for adding content (administration guide).


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