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Creation of a Crowdfunding website

The most complete and interesting mission that I was able to achieve in business was the creation of a crowdfunding website for a Japanese client.

I was able to build all the mockups of the website (desktop & mobile), then I was able to create the entire user interface in HTML5/CSS3.

Projet Great Tourist Nizuka

WordPress website / SEO

Creation of a WordPress blog on Japan

I created this WordPress blog to help French speakers settle easily in Japan. For this I rely on the experience I acquired during my 2-year trip to Japan.

This blog uses the Divi theme that I modified in order to have my own visual identity. The entire website is both responsive and referenced on search engines (SEO).


Creation of 3 visual identities (mockups)

Samyang is a large Korean company specializing in the sale of Korean food products.

I was responsible for proposing 3 different visual identities through the creation of models. The goal was to redesign the home page of Samyang’s website.

Samyang projet
Site web Hanazono projet

WordPress website

Creation of a cosmetic products website

Hanazono is a clinic located in Japan. For the launch of its 4 new cosmetic products, Hanazono requested a website where it could present them.

So I was tasked with this mission by creating a modern website (with WordPress) on which I present each of the 4 new products from the Hanazono clinic.


Creation of mockups for an E-commerce website

Zest Corporation is a small company specializing in the sale of luxury products and jewelry.

I was responsible for creating all the models that will allow the development of the future showcase site of the company Zest Corporation.

Écran Zest Corporation projet
Teliris projet

From-scratch website

Creation of a website for a weather station

Teliris is an annual BTS project allowing telemetry to be carried out on a photovoltaic installation. The objective was to analyze the data collected on graphs.

So I was responsible for developing a website in HTML5/CSS3/PHP with graphics in Javascript.


Logo design


To create logos, my logo creation process begins with a brief on my client’s request. Then I find out about my client’s business in order to know its history and determine its values.

From this I look for inspiration trying to find key elements that represent the image of the company. I continue my research by brainstorming in order to note the key words that correspond to my client’s request.

With the help of this extensive research, I can begin designing the logo.

To create a logo, I first take care of drawing the symbol that will identify the image of the company. And then I take care of finding the font that will best match the visual identity of the company.

So to create the symbol and find the font that will form the logo, I draw several sketches. Then, thanks to Adobe Illustrator software, I redraw the sketches as a vector logo.

Finally, I present the different variations of the logo to my client so that he can choose the one that suits him best.

Logo Lucas Jimenez Portfolio
Logo Lucas Jimenez Portfolio


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