Act Money

Creation of mockups and a crowdfunding from-scratch website at Sumamin for Act Money


Creation of a crowdfunding website

Act Money is a crowdfunding company located in Tokyo.

This company called upon Sumamin in order to create a crowdfunding website.

For that, I had to propose a new user interface by creating models and the website for each page of the site for the computer version and the mobile version.

synopsis & Objectives


Act Money is a company specializing in crowdfunding and contacted Sumamin for the creation of a crowdfunding website.



  • Create the mockups for the 13 pages of the website for the desktop version,
  • Create the mockups for the 13 pages of the website for the mobile version,
  • Create the website from the 26 mockups, for the website pages for the desktop and mobile version.



PRODUCTION & specification


The project went through several design steps.

First of all, I carried out a benchmark in order to analyze the competition and thus offer a tailor-made crowdfunding website.

Then, I started to design each mockup corresponding to each page of the website, for the desktop version and the mobile version (26 mockups).

When the mockups were validated, I was able to develop all the pages of the crowdfunding website from the mockups that I had previously designed.

The website is accessible to all screen formats, for desktop, tablet and smartphone.


Technical specification

The website mockups were designed using Adobe Photoshop CC software.

The website was created from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3.

To customize the user interface, I used the Bootstrap library.

To illustrate certain pages of the website, I also designed infographics and used royalty-free photographs.


Objectives achieved

Webdesign / Web development


13 Mockups desktop


13 Mockups mobile


Creation of website


Responsive website

aLL MY ProjeCts

Freelance / Company / Personal

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