Act Money – Crowdfunding website


Mission realized at Sumamin

Project : 1 member

UI/UX Designer and web integrator

As a UI/UX Designer, I had to create 13-pages mockups (desktop and mobile) of the crowdfunding website.

Then, I had to use these mockups to develop the pages of the website in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript.


Act Money is a Japanese crowdfunding website. My goal was to propose the new user interface of the website and to develop it using previously designed mockups.


This project has gone through several design phases:

  • In a first part, I made a benchmark to propose a visual identity more relevant than that of the competition.
  • Then, I took care of the conception of the models of the pages of the website of Act Money both in version computer and mobile.
  • Finally, I used the previously designed layouts to integrate them into the web version using the HTML5/CSS3/Javascript languages.


Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.

Mockups designing

Before developing the website, I had to propose mockups corresponding to the graphic charter described in the specifications of the customer.

For that I used Adobe Photoshop to design each page of the website of Act Money. So I built the user interface for both desktop and mobile screens.

Web integration (desktop et mobile)

Once I had created all the mockups of each page of the crowdfunding website, I had to integrate them into the web format using computer languages.

For that, by relying on the mockups, I developed each page of the website of Act Money with the languages HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.