Apartment Tokyo – Real estate website


Mission realized at Sumamin

Project : 1 member

UI/UX Designer

As a UI/UX Designer, I had to propose a new visual identity by creating a mock-up of the Apartment Tokyo website home page and creating a new logo.


Apartment Tokyo is a real estate website. This website allows you to sell homes, rent homes, buy homes and more.

To reinforce these sales, the owner of Apartment Tokyo wanted to review the interface of his website. For this, I am responsible for proposing a new visual identity for the homepage.


This project went through several design phases:

  • In a first part, I made a benchmark to propose a visual identity more relevant than that of the competition.
  • Using Photoshop, I designed a new architecture for the Apartment Tokyo website.


Adobe Photoshop.

Design of a mockup

To design this model, I both followed the client’s specifications but I also kept a few elements that he always wanted to see on the website.

It was with Adobe Photoshop software that I took charge of creating a more refined and user-friendly architecture. The client wanted an original website that more closely matches real estate.

Creation of a logo

In order to complete the new architecture of the Apartment Tokyo website, I was also responsible for creating a new logo corresponding to the new design of the site.

Home page – top

Home page – center

Home page – bottom