X7 Progiciel – CRM for drinking water and sanitation distributors 

Mission realized at GFI Informatique

Project : 1 member

Web developer CSS3/LESS

As a web developer, my goal was to create a custom theme change module. This system allowed to change the whole appearance of the package in just 2 clicks.

It also allowed us to have a visual identity for each of our clients. For that, I had to render the CSS code, initially static, in dynamic code thanks to the language LESS.


GFI Informatique is a French ESN listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. GFI is divided into several branches, which are themselves divided into many project teams. About me, I worked in a development team of a software package named “X7”. My mission was to develop a theme change module and to create a graphic chart for each theme.


This project has gone through several design phases:

  • In a first part, I had to optimize the CSS code,
  • Then, I had to transform some of the CSS code into LESS language to make it dynamic,
  • Then, I had to design each theme with a different graphic chart according to the customers,
  • Finally, I had to create the module that allowed the change from one theme to another.


HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Javascript.


The overhaul of the CSS code on the X7 project has made it possible to make it lighter, but above all it has made it possible to review the appearance of the software package by adapting it as well as possible to the LESS language.

Then, I had to adapt the CSS3 code in LESS code to make it dynamic and thus allow the change of one style sheet to another.

Theme Module Development

Finally I had to create the custom theme change module.

For this, I used the javascript language to select the desired theme with a SELECT button in HTML.

The transition from one theme to another could be done thanks to the different stylesheets in LESS format.