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Creation of a tailor-made WordPress blog on Japan and implementation of natural referencing


Creation of a WordPress blog on Japan

Great Tourist Nizuka is a blog that helps French speakers to settle in Japan with the help of 100% complete articles.

I developed this website to keep an experience of my 2 years trip to Japan. But also to help francophones to live in this country.

It mainly makes it easy to settle in Japan in the long term. But it also allows you to learn Japanese and travel thanks to the discovery of some cities around Tokyo and Osaka.

Projet Great Tourist Nizuka
Home page (Part 1) : Blog overview

Page d'accueil Great Tourist Nizuka - présentation du blog

Homepage (Part 2) : Settling in Japan

Page d'accueil Great Tourist Nizuka - s'installer au Japon

Homepage (Part 3) : Traveling to Japan

Page d'accueil Great Tourist Nizuka - voyager au Japon

Home Page (Part 4) : Learn Japanese

Page d'accueil Great Tourist Nizuka - Apprendre le japonais

Home Page (Part 5) : Buy Ebooks

Page d'accueil Great Tourist Nizuka - Acheter des Ebooks

Synopsis & Objectives


Before going to Japan on a student visa for the first time, I created this blog which I updated every time I started my life in Japan. Today, Great Tourist Nizuka is a reference website for easily settling in Japan thanks to 100% complete articles.



  • Create a WordPress blog about Japan,
  • UI/UX design,
  • Implement SEO,
  • Create an Emailing system,
  • Develop a community through social networks.


The domain name is a reference to the name of a very popular manga in Japan.

To create the website, I studied UI/UX design to make the blog easier to use for all types of users.

It was then that I set up SEO by relying on all the technical methods to strengthen the indexing of each page of the website on search engines.

Technical specification

To create this WordPress blog, I bought the Divi theme from ElegantThemes.

To optimize the user interface of the blog, I modified the CSS to adapt certain page of the website to the different screens (desktop, tablet and mobile).

The blog contains a WooCommerce store to promote certain travel products and ebook books.

The Emailing system uses MailChimp.

Recherche organique Great Tourist Nizuka

Objectives achieved

Webdesign / Web development web / SEO


Creating a WordPress blog


UI/UX Design


Social Media




SEO implementation

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