Creation of a WordPress website to promote the 4 new cosmetic products of a clinic


Creation of a cosmetic products website

Hanazono is a clinic located in Tokyo that offers different services. The clinic recently manufactured care products for its customers.

In order to strengthen the sale of its new cosmetic products, I was in charge of creating a website on which the products could be promoted.

Page d'accueil (Partie 1) : Produit 1

Hanazono - écran accueil partie 1

Page d'accueil (Partie 2) : Produit 2

Hanazono - écran accueil partie 2

Page d'accueil (Partie 3) : Produit 3

Hanazono - écran accueil partie 3

Page d'accueil (Partie 4) : Produit 4

Hanazono - écran accueil partie 4

Synopsis & Objectives


Hanazono is a clinic located in Tokyo. Through a commercial site, the owner of the clinic wanted to present these four new cosmetic products.



  • Create several images from the photographs of the four cosmetic products,
  • Create a home page that presents the different products,
  • Do an SEO audit.



To promote the new skincare products, I created a web page on which I present the 4 cosmetic products.

To do this, I divided the web page into four sections, each corresponding to the different products.

From the photographs of the 4 products that were provided to me, I created several images in a refined setting to reflect freshness and purity.

I also used photographs with objects so that each buyer can imagine the product at home.


Technical specification

The website was designed using the WordPress CMS and the visual builder « Visual Composer ».

I also adapted the website for any type of screen using media queries in CSS3.

The shop page was created using the WooCommerce extension.

The images were created with Adobe Photoshop CC software.

Substance H2 image - Hanazono
Hydrogen Cream image - Hanazono
Hydrogen Balm image - Hanazono
Hydrogen Bath Treatment image - Hanazono

Objectives achieved

Web development 


WordPress Development


SEO Audit

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