Hanazono – E-commerce website for cosmetic products


Mission realized at Sumamin

Project : 1 member

UI/UX Designer and web integrator

As a UI/UX Designer, from 4 photos of cosmetic products, I had to create several different photographs in order to illustrate and sell the products more easily.

I also had to create the Hanazono E-Commerce site to sell the clinic’s new cosmetic products.


Hanazono is a clinic located in Tokyo. Through a commercial site, the owner of the clinic wanted to present these new cosmetic products.

This is why, I had to create an E-Commerce site in order to easily present and sell the new products of the clinic.


This project went through several design phases:

  • In the first part, I took care of using the four cosmetic products to create several different photography.
  • Then, I had to use these photographs and create an E-Commerce site to sell Hanazono‘s cosmetic products.


Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress (WooCommerce).

Design of photography and E-Commerce website

Before developing the website, I had to create several photography from the four cosmetic products presented by the clinic.

Then using these photography, I was able to create the architecture of the E-Commerce site using WordPress.