Creation of a low-fi wireframe and 3 mockups for the redesign of the home page of the website

UI Design

Creation of wireframe and mockups

Samyang is a large Korean company specializing in Korean food products and more specifically in stir-fried noodles.

In Asia, Korean noodles are very popular and have become the main leading brand of K-Food.

I was responsible for offering a low-fi wireframe and 3 different visual identities through the creation of models. The goal was to redesign the home page of Samyang’s website.

Samyang projet

Synopsis & Objectives


Samyang contacted Sumamin (スマミン) for whom I was working. In order to redesign the website and thus strengthen the sale of Korean fried noodles, I had to propose several visual identities.



  • Provide a low-fi wireframe for the new home page,
  • Provide 3 different visual identities for the home page of Samyang’s website.
Wireframe : proposal of a new structure

Wireframe Samyang projet

Mockup 1 : first visual identity

Maquette 3 Samyang projet

Mockup 2 : second visual identity

Maquette 2 Samyang projet

Mockup 3 : third visual identity

Maquette 1 Samyang projet

Production & Specification


To strengthen the sale of Korean food products, I created 3 different visual identities by following our client’s graphic charter.


Technical specification

To create the 3 mockups for the home page of the website, I used Adobe Photoshop CC software.


Objectives achieved



UI/UX Design - Wireframe


UI/UX Design - Mockups

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