Samyang – E-Commerce Website of Korean Food Products


Mission realized at Sumamin

Project : 1 member

UI/UX Designer

As UI/UX Designer, I had to propose 3 visual identities of the Samyang website by creating 3 mockups of the home page.


Samyang is an E-Commerce website of Korean food products.

The owner of the website wanted to make a general overhaul of his E-Commerce website. For that, I had to propose 3 different visual identities of the home page.


This project has gone through several design phases:

  • In a first part, I performed a benchmark to offer the owner of Samyang, a more ergonomic design.
  • Then, I was responsible for creating 3 mockups of the home page with a different user interface.


Adobe Photoshop.

Design of 3 visual identities

Using Adobe Photoshop, I am responsible for modeling the home page of the E-Commerce WEBsite of Samyang, with 3 different design interfaces.