TELIRIS – Telemetry software package on a photovoltaic system


Student project

Team project : 2 members

UI/UX Designer, Web integrator

As a web developer, my goal was to create a web interface for displaying graphics based on data from an inverter and a weather station. I also had to set up an IP camera on the website to monitor the installation of weather equipment.

Developer C++

As a developer C++, my colleague needed to develop a Modbus gateway to create a link between the Modbus network and the Ethernet network. Thus, the climatic and electrical data transmitted by the inverter and the weather station could be stored in a database.


A solar energy production company must set up a system for monitoring the profitability and diagnosis of their photovoltaic energy production unit. For this, it has a communicating inverter and a weather station to measure climatic and electrical conditions.


This project has gone through several design phases :

  • In a first part, we applied UML (Unified Modeling Language) to the project with different diagrams,
  • Then we defined the different tasks to be performed that we divided,
  • Finally we have, each of our side, developed the computer tools for the proper operation of the weather station.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, SQL, MySQL.


UML modeling is a way to guide developers towards the efficient implementation and deployment of the IT system that meets the specifications.



UI/UX Design

Then I had to design the models of the website. For this, I used the specifications to define the colors and structures of the web application.

Integration & Web Development

Finally I had to integrate the models based on the web format.

In this way, I used HTML5 and CSS3 to build the web application. I also used the javascript language to display graphs for viewing electrical data from the inverter and solar panels.