Creation of mockups and a website for the visualization of electrical and climatic data from the solar panels of a weather station


Creation of a system for the management of a weather station

Téliris is the name we gave to our annual BTS project which allows telemetry to be carried out on a photovoltaic installation.

This project was carried out in a team of two in order, on the one hand, to create a program to recover electrical and climatic data from the weather station. And on the other hand, to store the data obtained in a database to display them on graphics across a website.

Synopsis & Objectives


During an annual BTS project, in teams of two, we had to create a system to retrieve and display electrical and climate data on a website from an inverter and solar panels.



  • Carry out a UML study,
  • Create the wireframe for the development of the website,
  • Create a database,
  • Developed a website to display the collected data on graphs,
  • Create a connection between the website and an IP camera.





To create the entire telemetry management system on the photovoltaic installation, the project was divided into two parts for each member of the team :

  • A member was responsible for developing a program in C ++ to retrieve electrical and climatic data from the inverter and solar panels.
  • I had to create a database to store the retrieved data, and display it on a graph through a website in PHP. In addition, I was also responsible for configuring an outdoor IP camera on the website to visualize the photovoltaic installation.


Technical specification

The program allowing the recovery of electrical and climatic data was developed in C ++.

The retrieved data was then stored in a MySQL database and was displayed on a website created in PHP.

The display of data on the website has been done using a JPgraph graphics module.

Objectives achieved

UML / Webdesign / Web development 


UML study


UI/UX Design - Wireframe


Creation of a database


Website Development


Connecting an IP camera

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