Travelers From Japan – CRM on travel to Japan


Personnal project

Project : 2 members

UI/UX Designer and web integrator

As a UI/UX Designer, I designed one wireframe per page to create the CRM user interface structure.

Then, as a web integrator, I used each wireframe previously created to develop them in web format using the languages HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript.

Web developer AngularJS

Once the web pages were coded, my colleague took charge of CRM back-end development using AngularJS and NodeJS.


Travelers From Japan is a CRM that manages travel to Japan. The goal was to create an easy relationship between travelers and travel agencies.


This project has gone through several design phases:

  • In a first part, I designed the wireframes that would constitute the structure of the website.
  • Then I used the wireframe to develop the pages of the website with HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript languages.
  • Then my colleague took care of creating the website database.
  • Finally, using HTML pages, he developed the back-end with the AngularJS framework and NodeJS.


Balsamiq, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS, SQL, MySQL.

Wireframe design

Before developing the website, I had to create wireframe in order to get an idea of the structure of each page of the site and thus think about the best way to build the website.

For this I used Balsamiq to design each page of the website.

Web integration (desktop et mobile)

Once I had created all the wireframes of each page of the site, I had to integrate them into the web format using computer languages.

For this, relying on wireframe, I developed each page of the website with the languages HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.