Zest Corporation

Creation of mockups for the web pages of a showcase website

UI Design

Creation of mockups for a showcase website

Zest Corporation is a company that owns several boutiques selling luxury goods and jewelry.

Within this company, I was in charge of designing the models for the various web pages for the launch of the company’s new showcase website.

Mockup 1: Home page

Maquette 1 Zest Corporation projet

Mockup 2 : Blog page

Maquette 2 Zest Corporation projet

Mockup 3 : Production page

Maquette 3 Zest Corporation projet

Mockup 4 : Brands page

Maquette 4 Zest Corporation projet

Mockup 5 : About page

Maquette 5 Zest Corporation projet

Mockup 6 : Contact page

Maquette 6 Zest Corporation projet

Synopsis & Objectives


Zest Corporation is a company specializing in the sale of luxury goods and jewelry. I worked for this company for which I was responsible for designing the mockups for each page of the new Zest Corporation showcase website.



  • Create the different models for the 6 pages of the new Zest Corporation showcase website.

Production & Specification


To create the new showcase site for the company Zest Corporation, I was responsible for designing the models corresponding to the different web pages of the company’s website.


Technical specification

The different models were created with Adobe Photoshop CC software. Each image in the images is owned by Zest Corporation products.

Objectives achieved



UI/UX Design - 6 Mockups

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